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Space Goat

Considering his relative inability to influence the outcome of anything - what with his being marooned in space with a goldfish bowl over his head and no opposable thumbs to speak of - Space Goat made an unlikely hero. Perhaps that's why the introductory preamble, end narration and credits for his eponymous adventure serial took up roughly 95% of each episode, with Space Goat's own contribution being reduced, more often than not, to nothing more than a solitary bleat in the vast blackness of space.

Spacegoat was written by Jay Whalley and Lindsay McDougall during their run as breakfast hosts on triple j, under the watchful eye of super-producer Alicia 'The Monkeys' Brown, who also played the part of Space Goat himself. I stayed up very late every Wednesday night producing it, and a new episode was aired very Thursday morning at 8am for about two years, during which time the series' volatile mix of political satire, goats and space provoked ever-increasing levels of in-and-outrage and up-and-downroar from concerned friends of the Australian Boredmaking Corporatrox everywhen.

Space Food Nation

Scenes from the killing floor of McDoomsdays' Hambuggery Coproraygun. Will Space Goat become The Healthy Option? Does he really have a Delichoice in the matter?

Space food nation by Schuftronics

Goats in White Satin

Space Goat suffers a visit from his long-lost cousin, Speed Goat, who regales him with repetitive stories about that thing he did when he was in space that time and did that thing that he was telling you about that time, in space.

Goats in white satin by Schuftronics

While My Goatar Gently Weeps

When in space, Space Goat chooses to stare in wonderment at the stupidity of the human race - and solo.

While my goatar gently bleats by Schuftronics


Passages of a controversial book on the life of our hirsute hero have been leaked to the press, detailing detailed details of a sordid secret sext life which until now has only been known to everyone.

Goatstown by Schuftronics

The Trojan Goat

Will Space Goat blow his cover and place himself in mortal danger merely by bleating, as he does every week? Yes, he will.

The trojan goat by Schuftronics

Banana Goat Song

No animals were harmed in the making of this episode of Space Goat. Except for Space Goat, who was beaten repeatedly with oversized bananas wielded with malicious intent by a swarm of evil space monkeys.

The banana goat song by Schuftronics

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Actually My Name's Marina

"What the audience demands of the artist - really demands, in its unconscious desire - and what the artist thinks it ought to be given... [is] the same thing: the sentiment of being. The sentiment of being is the sentiment of being strong... such energy as contrives that the centre shall hold, that the circumference of the self keep unbroken, that the person be an integer, impenetrable, perdurable, and autonomous in being if inot in action."

marina and the diamonds | the family jewels | identity | personality | realism | authenticity | lionel trilling

WuTang1 e1395794252557

Once upon a time

"Music was now an object that could be owned by the individual and used at his own convenience... Now the Symphony of a Thousand could play to an audience of one. Now a man could hear nocturnes at breakfast, vespers at noon, and the Easter Oratorio on Channukah. He could do his morning crossword to 'One O'Clock Jump', and make love right through the St Matthew Passion. Anything was possible; nothing was sacred; freedom was absolute. It was the freedom, once the cathedral of culture had been wrecked, to take home the bits you liked and arrange them as you please. Once again, a mechanical invention had met capitalism's need to recreate all of life in its image. The cathedral of culture was now a supermarket."

Evan Eisenberg, 1987

wu-tang clan | shaolin | age of mechanical reproduction | aura | ritual | art | artists


Tomorrow's Harvest

"What if I tell you now that I have often longed even for plays I have seen performed - frequently the very ones which bored me most - or for books I have read in the past and did not like at all? If that is not madness, there's no such thing."



Hold to the Difficult

"And you must not let yourself be misled, in your solitude, by the fact that there is something in you that wants to escape from it. This very wish will, if you use it quietly and pre-eminently and like a tool, help to spread your solitude over wide country. People have (with the help of convention) found the solution of everything in ease, and the easiest side of ease; but it is clear that we must hold to the difficult; everything living holds to it, everything in nature grows and defends itself according to its own character and is an individual in its own right, strives to be so at any cost and against all opposition. We know little, but that we must hold to the difficult is a certainty that will not leave us; it is good to be solitary, for solitude is difficult; the fact that a thing is difficult must be one more reason for our doing it."

Rainer Maria Rilke, 1904

rainer maria rilke | kate bush


Always music in the air

'Acousmatic, the Larousse dictionary tells us, is the 'name given to the disciples of Pythagoras who for five years, listened to his teachings while he was hidden behind a curtain, without seeing him, while observing a strict silence.' Hidden from their eyes, only the voice of their master reached the disciples.... In ancient times, the apparatus was a curtain; today, it is the radio and methods of reproduction, along with the entire set of electro-acoustic transformations, that place us, modern listeners to an invisible voice, under similar conditions.'

Pierre Schaeffer, 'Acousmatics', 1966

pierre schaeffer | musique concrete | sonorous objects | acousmatics | pythagoras | phenomenology | twin peaks | red room


Music Sounds Better

'Imagine a traveller from a hundred years ago arrives at our doorstep and asks us why the music of the 20th century operates so frequently on the basis of cyclic repetition. Not just the rap and dance genres of popular culture, but also minimalism - perhaps the single most viable strand of the Western art music tradition... why does so much of our music work this way? What kind of needs do these patterns satisfy?'

Susan McClary, 1999

stardust | daft punk | susan mcclary | minimalism | loop | chaka kahn | repetition