Craig Schuftan

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Actually My Name's Marina

"What the audience demands of the artist - really demands, in its unconscious desire - and what the artist thinks it ought to be given... [is] the same thing: the sentiment of being. The sentiment of being is the sentiment of being strong... such energy as contrives that the centre shall hold, that the circumference of the self keep unbroken, that the person be an integer, impenetrable, perdurable, and autonomous in being if inot in action."

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Coincidence makes sense

October 7: Respectfully I kiss her lovely teeth and she says, slowly, gravely, the second time a few notes higher than the first: 'communion takes place in silence... communion takes place in silence.' This, she explains, is because the kiss leaves her with the impression of something sacred, where her teeth 'substituted for the host'.

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Open, graves!

"Open, graves! You, the dead of the picture galleries, corpses behind screens, in palaces, castles and monasteries! Step into the midst of the world of today, to mingle with the bearers of burdens, the mechanics whom money ennobles, to make yourself at home in their automobiles... to take your places in the international sleeping cars, and to weld yourself to all the people who today are still proud of their priveleges."

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